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Mediterranean Decadence…

There are projects that give us the opportunity to respect the beauty of the imperfect and in the case of this creative space we feel free to maintain old peeling paintings, exposed bricks and antique ceilings as if they were authentic works of art.

This 70m2 studio allowed us to be transported to a house in Menorca where the predominant color palette was clear from the beginning. WHITE, protagonist in industrial lamps, in the legs of the tables, in the patina of the floor or even in the office chairs. Purity and light wherever you look.

We had the good fortune to collaborate again with the craftsman Joseba Toribio, founder of @ardaxka, with whom we designed industrial donkeys to store samples of fabrics and tables in antique pine wood and metal. To bring color and sophistication we introduced our beloved cacti and an antique handmade rug from India. Who said that decadence, in its right measure, was not beautiful.