Design studio La Coruña

Design studio

La Coruña


From darkness to light.

Imagine a large hallway full of graffiti, a black floor, black painted walls and an underground look typical of cities like Berlin. Well, thanks to a large window full of charm we quickly knew that this sordid place would become a creative space, full of light and where the space would expand with just a few coats of paint.

But it took more than a few coats of paint…. After new plastering, a sand-colored floor imitating polished cement and strategically designed lighting… La Luz was made!

This place located in the old city of A Coruña, went from being a Mexican restaurant with a punk aesthetic, to become a bright and spacious creative space to develop and present Denim collections.

One of the main materials we used to give life to this project was wood, with which we designed the large table that presides over the main room where you can receive customers and make presentations comfortably. A 3-meter sideboard where you can file documentation, inspirational books or work material, all custom-made thanks to the talent of one of our craftsmen, Joseba Toribio of @ardaxka. And as a star piece, we designed a great bookcase that would do several functions, including hiding an office with a fridge, coffee maker, microwave and various household items for both the team and visitors to enjoy this surprise factor. This allowed us to leave a larger living room where we could enjoy more relaxed meetings.

The final touches were given by the recycled elements such as the copper faucet in the bathroom or the original cement sink, vintage carpets and artwork to finish giving personality to this project.

One of the details that we most liked to recover were some old doors that we were able to re-glaze with a beveled design and turn them into the protagonists of the long hallway.

And to give the final touch, many plants to give life to the entrance and the impeccable work of rehabilitation that the team of @lafabricadelaimagen made to make possible that our ideas became reality.