Sa Caseta

Private home


Balearic island

And suddenly there was light…

When we visited this estate for the first time, we never imagined that behind its 2000m2 there would be so many surprises. Never before had a first date given us so much adrenaline, because we were facing what would be a very personal transformation. Nothing more and nothing less than the place that myself, Nagore Toribio and my partner Alfredo Primo would turn into home. After more than 2 years of searching we finally found this diamond in the rough.

In this project we collaborated with Olga Lecina, decorator and partner, in addition to the talent of the architect Ester Morro, looking for two main objectives: light and sustainability in each of the elements that made up this home.

At first glance one would not have fallen in love, but with a little vision and respect for the structural elements, we realized that a charming retreat was hidden among lemon and orange trees.

Large iron windows were installed in all rooms causing the garden to become an extension of the house. The original vaulting was maintained, bringing texture and honesty to each space. For the floor we used antique pine wood that Alfredo himself installed. Here we had an advantage as he is an expert craftsman in the treatment of this material. This provided warmth and together with the vintage carpets brought from Istanbul, of more than 3 meters, placed in the living room and master bedroom, we managed to generate that feeling of home. For the lighting, we selected Danish industrial style lamps and some unique rustic pieces, such as the lamp in the master bedroom, chosen on our last trip to Morocco. The textiles and curtains of the house in linen and cotton. Original hydraulic tile to create a corridor and connect the guest room with the main house. The furniture of simple lines, made of wood, much of it by Alfredo @rootsmallorca himself, mixing pieces from artists like @ardaxka.

And that’s how this love story ends, with the certainty that when you arrive at Sa Caseta you feel at home, word!