The showroom Mallorca


Pop-up store


Balearic island

When you find a treasure…

And that’s how we felt when we met Laura, an Argentinian with Belgian blood, settled in Mallorca three years ago and creator of a project full of sensitivity and passion for the authentic @joymadebyhand.

After falling in love with her story, we did not hesitate for a second to participate in the creation of an ephemeral and clandestine space.

The objective was clear, to respect the structure by introducing furniture and textiles that would serve as a support to show the fashion and home collections that Laura had so delicately selected.

So in 60m2 distributed in terrace and main room, donkeys and shelves were designed in wood and iron in a subtle bronze finish, where to expose products as unique as @tentwelvecollection dresses, alpaca blankets from @aguaymanto or even ceramics from artisans of the island itself.

And for the outside, a bed of simple lines built by the artisan @rootsmallorca based on old beams. All it took was a few wild flowers and a maxi rattan rug to turn a soulless space into the perfect setting to welcome curious lovers of treasures and authenticity.